Thursday, November 14, 2019

Graduation Speech: This is the Beginning :: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

At times it may have been extremely difficult for some of us to predict where we would be today, but now we can embark upon our goals and congratulate ourselves for always striving to conquer our missions. No longer do we need to reminisce about what we were unable to accomplish - for we have accomplished the first step in our education. Sugar Lake High School is not an ordinary high school. When you step onto the campus the atmosphere of open-mindedness and kindness is overwhelming. Every senior has a struggle or story that brought him or her to Sugar . Being able to interact with your peers and knowing that your fellow seniors are willing to open their heart to you is what has bonded the unique class of 2006 together. Personally, if it wasn't for the sincere relationships I was able to create and open upon my Sugar senior friends I may not be standing here today. For their overwhelming support and love I thank them all. Though we all probably have our so-called teacher horror stories, in our hearts we know that without Sugar's dedicated staff we would have been left in the dust. What makes Sugar's staff so sincere is its ability to gain relationships with its students. How many teachers are willing to call you before class to make sure you are awake or well, are willing to contract other work with you in order for you to graduate, purchases coffee and snacks for their students just because they are there early in the morning, and will allow for you to openly speak your mind without being hesitant to listen - these teachers can only be found at Sugar! Although the staff at Sugar has been major contributors to our educational, physical, and emotional developments, our parents were also major influences on our lives. We all owe our drive for success and our abilities to overcome struggles to our parents.

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