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England. World Civilization Class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

England. World Civilization Class - Essay Example Children suffered as the societies lived in very deplorable conditions. Formal settlements were rare as many people engaged in farming and could not maintain very descent and clean surrounding as it is possible today. There was poor planning of settlements, poor road infrastructure, poor sanitation, and poor and dangerous working conditions. Generally, civilization of the world passed through difficult moments and this is clearly evident through learning history of England. Modern History Sourcebook: Friederich Engels: Industrial Manchester, 1844 This article is the work of Paul Halsal who made reference to work of Friendrich Engels to communicate the realities and experiences of industrial revolution and world civilization. The article appears to target residents of Manchester City in London and Europeans in general and intends to inform them about the need to protect and preserve their surroundings. The story of Friederich Engels indicates that the condition of the city was notorio us and very unfit for human survival1. The city characterized with poor settlement planning that left very narrow paths that two people could not pass through at the same time. 2The story of Friedrich describe how some could easy miss the right direction and instead make countless rounds within the courts before finding the right way, â€Å"He who turns to the left here from the main street, Long Millgate, is lost; he wanders from one court to another.†3 The article uncovers the true reality of health risks that the inhabitants of Manchester were vulnerable to. The article sadly describes the nature of the open pit dumpsites and contaminated, smelly and dirty rivers that made it hard for any visitor to the region have easy breath of air. From the general description of the ancient Manchester city, this article seems to pass very crucial information concerning the need to preserve the environment considering the efforts and time it took to make Manchester city what it is today . In so doing, the article appears to persuade and convince the audience who are particularly resident of Manchester city to work hard to protect serenity of the city. Unlike today that it is easy and enjoyable to live in Manchester city, it was initially very difficult and problematic to live in the city. The move by Halsal to select this article with such mysterious reality about the past of Manchester City seems to be one to persuade residents of the city and Europe in general to work hard and value the kind of infrastructure they currently enjoy4. The article gives the audience substantial reason to fight towards protection of the environment and appreciate the work and struggle of their forefathers who seemingly worked hard to change the condition. The article also appears to discredit widespread believe that European countries and England in particular never succumbed or experienced poverty. As demonstrated by Friedrich in his article, situating in England and Manchester in pa rticular that was by then the richest city of the country had very bad road infrastructure that were generally impassable. Housing facilities were unbearable and environment was very unhealthy and unfit for human survival. Modern History Sourcebook: Women Miners in the English Coal Pits The author of the article develops his communication about the past by referring to the Parliamentary papers of 1842 Great Britain Parliament. This article describes a very sad but truth situation about the history of world’s civilization. The article concentrates and appears to be very compassionate about the suffering of women and children in the coalmines in England. 5It was through the suffering that the members of the society could earn living and place food on their

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