Sunday, June 16, 2019

3 QUESTIONS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE and deviance Coursework - 3

3 QUESTIONS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE and deviance - Coursework ExampleWhen individuals are aware of uncertainties, they can design techniques to treasure themselves (Briggs & Friedman, 2009). The desire to acquire substantial material wealth has lead many Americans achieve success through fraud and force, which has been considered smart for many years (Simon, 2008). Therefore, the American culture has assigned significant social importance to the formation of gangsters, which are aimed at robbing other people of their properties. It is apparent that the American Dream encourages deviance in the United States society.The American society is considered as comprised of two different populations. One of the two populations is made up of criminals, while the other population is made up of law-abiding individuals (Simon, 2008). The American elites served as role models to average individuals in the society. Therefore, elite deviance has influenced the non-elites to engage in criminal activitie s without any feeling of guilty (Simon, 2008). check to elite deviance, it is necessary for individuals to engage in criminal activities when they get an opportunity to do so (Briggs & Friedman, 2009). Inter-organizational cooperation has been involved by the elite deviance for a morsel of years to perform unethical and illegal acts, such as money laundering (Simon, 2008). Both non-elite and elite deviance are expected to be high when there is more emphasis on the values that are related to the American Dream than when the culture focuses on values such as police squad work, spirituality, and community (Simon, 2008).Thio, Calhoun, & Conyers (2008) define privileged deviance as a very profitable deviance that involved privileged individuals, especially those people who are comparatively powerful, well educated, or wealthy. Such individuals take advantage of their high ranks and divert lots of wealth to their bank accounts as well as fund their avow projects. Privileged individua ls engage themselves in criminal

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