Monday, June 17, 2019

People, Place and Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

People, Place and Environment - Essay ExampleHeavy Industrialization, increased, car use, increased usages of fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides in agricultural lands, dumping of toxic substances like e-wastages, deforestation etc are polluting, our environment in many ways. In fact people pass on heavily to the global warming and climate changes problems. If we continue to pollute our environment and places in the same rate as we do now, all life forms in this world could be destroyed in near future itself. This paper analyses the connection between people, place and the environment and the ways in which people are destroying the environment. The issue of global climate change and what to do about it has put economics to a severe test in which economists have been challenged to think afresh about how to model such fundamental notions as risk, uncertainty, and discounting(Weitzman, p.703). It is difficult for us to avoid the growth of agriculture or industries in order to pres erve the environment. At the same time it is possible for us to reduce the environmental problems caused by our own injudicious activities. For example, plastic is one of the major villains which cause huge problems to the environment. It should be noted that unlike many of the other materials, plastic may not be destroyable after use. In other words, plastic has the ability to pass the natural biodegradation process. Thus accumulation of plastic may takes place in the environment because of its ability to survive for longer periods. People have the habit of using plastic carry bags while they purchase something from shopping malls.

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