Friday, June 14, 2019

Global study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Global study - Essay ExampleThe whole disclose of minors crossing the boarders into the US has led to an of import question of who should be responsible for these children (Savage, 2013).The issue is such a serious one the governor for Texas Rick Perry has threatened to deploy the National Gourd so as to beef up controls on the porous borders and force immigrants to detention. President Obama held a meeting with the leaders of the three nations in which his take home essence was that the countries view as to share with Washington in the responsibility of curtailing the escalation of minors crossing the Mexico-U.S.A boarder point. Obama prevailed on the leader to curb the immigration of minors and warned that those children that did not have a proper claim of staying will be sent back home (Neuman, 2014). According to Reuters, the President has proposed that there will be instances where the immigrants can harbor to be given refugee status except such would be very few. The Pres ident reiterated the need for a shared responsibility with the concerned countries in addressing the puzzle of immigration as well as that of trafficking drugs.In a Center for Strategic and International Studies hosted in Washington DC, Honduras President Juan Hernandez appealed on Americans to approach the issue as a humanitarian one and that of their neighbors. Guatemalas Molina on his part opined that immigration situation was a real tragedy requiring the reflection of all humanity. He said through Plan Columbia as well as the Merida Initiative, America assisted Columbia & Mexico push out organized crime but this squeezed the same towards Central America. A unanimous position taken by the leaders is that fresh regional approaches anchored on the Merida Initiative and Plan Columbia which aphorism billions invested in the fight against organized crime be embraced. The leaders from Central America argue that

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