Thursday, October 3, 2019

Inventions That Affected the World Essay Example for Free

Inventions That Affected the World Essay Our world has experienced many changes within the last century. New inventions are made every month, and one of the most influential changes is the invention of the cellphone. The cellphone has completely changed the way we communicate, as well as the speed, convenience, and quality of our communication. Technology has made such an impact on society that most people won’t leave home without their cellphones. Also computers became human’s best friend. This is why one of the most life changing pieces of technology for many people has been the smartphone, an all-in-one, portable device that combines the functions of a cell phone with the functions of a computer. But how was life before this technology even existed? Back in the past, communicating with people was hard, especially with long distance. Letters were the only option to let someone know about something. But after the phone was invented, contacting people got much easier than before, even though, not everyone owned a phone. Computers were the other device that was invented, it was and still used in almost every concern. Then Internet invention had to step in and make life much easier. With Internet, people made electronic mails, which was another way to communicate with others. But to own all these things was very pricey back then, and to have them with you anywhere you go was not possible. So to do a specific thing, you had to use a specific device. To reach someone immediately, you had to use the phone that was wired-up and the recipient had to be close to his wired-up phone as well. To go to a specific location, you had to ask people that are familiar with the area you are going to. To send an email, you had to do it through the Internet from a computer. To remind yourself of a meeting something, you had to keep sticking little notes on your fridge door. To take a picture, you obviously needed a camera, and to send it to somebody, you had to use the mail and that would take couple days for the receiver to see it. To calculate an amount, you needed a calculator or you had to be good at math. To check next day’s weather you had wait till after the news on TV. To listen to your favorite music you had to buy a cassette or a CD and then go play it in your home stereo†¦ But after the smartphone was invented couple years ago, the race of human beings found everything to be easy. We can literally do anything with it, and with all the applications available we can even do more than we ever thought in just couple seconds. From calling someone to buying an airline ticket, it’s all available with a portable device that stays in your pocket. However, in my opinion the smartphone is the one of the best inventions ever made. I would highly recommend this gadget to anyone in this planet, because with it, we are never lost, never bored or wasting time, and always with an answer.

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