Friday, October 18, 2019

Metamorphosis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Metamorphosis - Essay Example The value of family, money and changes are included in the important lessons presented in Kafka’s story. The metamorphosis experienced by the man character can be considered as a representation of the challenges present in life that people have no control of. In terms of the financial aspect of the story, despite the dependence of a family to the breadwinner, things may change as the former harmonious relationship may become conflicting as represented by the primary character. The author also showed how people usually look at the appearance instead the attitude and inner character of a person before judging him or her. Also the limits of human beings for understanding were shown in the novel as the reader can feel how sympathy may be lost. Even though a family is expected to be close enough, it may occur and ruin the relationship. In terms of the mood of the story, it does not tackle the usual flow of the story as it distorted the common view or expected flow. The readers may have the expectation that it would be a light novel, but it was filled with problems and negativities. The novel is really good in capturing the attention and curiosity of the readers as it twisted the story into something that is not expected while sharing insights and lessons in life that may seem valuable and

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