Friday, October 11, 2019

Teacher & knowledge

Since the beginning of our lives, we start to learn and improve our skills and knowledge day by day from everything around us. However, to reach our goal in the future, we need instructors who can guide us through our lives. And those instructors are teachers. Actually, teaching is a very good job and is very important for everybody and also for our country. Teachers are very precious. First, teachers always teach what is good for us and show us the right path to walk. They are wise and respectable.They have such a good manner. They always stay by our side. For instance, when we get good result from our studies, they will be happy and proud of us just like what they feel for their own children. When we get bad result, they feel upset, but instead of blaming us, they try to encourage and cheer us up. All they want back from us is nothing, but for us to be successful in the future. Second, teachers don't think much about money. They don't earn much money but they earn good relationship and respect from the others.That's the most important part of being a human and also the most special part of this job. With us, as students, they are just like our parents because they care about us and want us to be good and useful people in the society. But sometimes they may also be our brothers, sisters or even friends. It's just like we are members of one big family. We share our happiness and sadness with them and help each other out. Although sometimes they feel exhausted, they don't even mention about their difficulties to us.They always work with happy hearts. Third, teachers are the source of the country's development. In other words, we can say that without teachers, there're no schools. Without schools, there're no students. Without students, there's no human resource, so development is impossible. As we all know, teachers play an important role in our education system. They are very important for us and our new generation. One thing we should know is that the world we know today may not exist without them.

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