Saturday, August 10, 2019

Business ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Business ethics - Essay Example The two concepts, affirmative action and â€Å"reverse discrimination†, have been employed, by the American government, to aid in creating an equal environment when it comes to hiring and promoting individuals from minority groups. Affirmative action was brought, on board, to help in annihilating the idea of individuals being discriminated because of the unchangeable aspects in their personalities such as race, sex, color, religion or ethnicity. On the other hand, â€Å"reverse discrimination† entails the idea of discriminating against individuals from minority groups. Individuals, who in the earlier years found themselves to be on the advantageous side or to be in the majority group, are subjected to discrimination, which aims at reversing the unfairness that had been witnessed earlier. â€Å"Reverse discrimination† operates in a manner that people from minority groups are given priority over people from the majority group when it comes to hiring and promotion ( Stuart 17). The best theory to apply in this situation, which pertains to affirmative action and â€Å"reverse discrimination†, is utilitarianism. In essence, the theory of utilitarianism states that a moral rightful action taken in any given circumstance is bound to be beneficial to all parties affected. The theory of utilitarianism, best supports the position of affirmative action and â€Å"reverse discrimination† because it focuses on bringing benefit to most individuals from both groups, which are the majority and the minority. Since Utilitarianism is based on attaining greater good, the affirmative action will be appropriate, as discrimination, which is a negative act affecting many individuals from the minority group will ultimately be eliminated (Kowalski 5). Affirmative action ensures that minorities are protected from any form of discrimination, which they are likely to face when it comes to

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