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Project Proposal for Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Project for Paper - Research Proposal Example 262). Cybercrime can take on many shapes and forms. It can begin as something seemingly harmless, and rise to one of the gravest threats to personal and national security that exists today. It is also a troubling trend that the majority of the perpetrators of such crimes appear be young people under the age of 26. They often justify their actions initially as harmless hacking just for fun, but they quickly realize that their actions could prove to be quite lucrative. The harm done to victims of cybercrime, however, are immense. It is important to note that cybercrime does not only involve a financial element. There are crimes being committed that involve spam, harassment, threats, child pornography, and child endangerment just to name a few (Lee, 2012, p. 14). This proposal will detail the reasons why cybercrime is a serious issue today and explore the basis for future research and study that will be conducted in this area. Problem Statement The problem is that cybercrime has become so pervasive in society today and many people are fearful of the damage, both psychological and and financial, that can be perpetrated on them via technology. In addition, the problem has persisted to the point that it is costing society hundreds of millions of dollars a year in damages and preventative measures. Network security has been compromised to the point that clients and IT professionals globally has lost trust in conducting many types of electronic commerce transactions. Tremendous and organized efforts are currently underway to tackle this problem, but it is requiring an inordinate amount of manpower and resources, further compounding the financial cost to society. In addition, resources are having to be reallocated to this area, limiting technological progress and business expansion that could be otherwise achieved, largely owed to the sophistication that the average cyber criminal is exhibiting today (Gray, 2004; Lin, Fofanah, & Liang, 2011). This is a problem and issue that is serious and requires immediate attention. The rapid globalization take place today requires technological innovation. Companies and countries around the world are in a constant struggle to maintain a competitive advantages over others in the same industry (Kolsaker & Lee-Kelley, 2008). Cybercrime has impacted companies by threatening their infrastructure and their financial well being. Furthermore, cybercrime has impacted the countries around the world by enhancing certain espionage activities that serve the threaten and raises issues of national security across the board. Finally, cybercrime impacts the individual citizen on multiple fronts. Identity theft, for example, has become a common method of cybercrime whereby an individual’s very identity is stolen for personal gain. Not only does this create a loss of trust in technology by the victim, but it can create immense financial and emotional trouble that can take years to unravel and correct. In addition, compute r crime has made it much easier for a certain criminal element to prey on innocent children around the world. These issues alone demonstrate the importance of examining this problem with a united and global front. Let us now examine the relevance and significance of this proposed study. Relevance and Significance The security

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