Friday, August 9, 2019

Critique of practice Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Critique of practice - Case Study Example Aside from taking the responsibility of looking after her health, she has to deal with the problem of looking for a place to stay where she can effectively keep herself clean and avoid possible relapses. Her background shows that she was close to her father, who died of AIDS at the age of 68. Her mother neglected and abused her. She has sisters who all live in Tallahassee. Generally looking at the environment she grew up in, it is clear that there was not enough moral and emotional support from her family. The lack of guidance from her parents and the kind of relationship she had with them may have led her to resort to drugs and alcohol. She began drinking at the age of 12 and smoking Crack at the age of 28. Although she does not like the environment, the client feels safe living with her boyfriend. However, this uneasiness with her surrounding creates possibilities and risks of her relapsing again. Although she luckily receives help from her friends and from their church, it seems that the client needs more help than what is already given her. She claims she believes in and follows the 12-step program and attends Alcohol Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. The client's major concerns include preventing relapses, dealing with her alcohol and drug dependency and staying in a decent house. Of these, her primary complaint is how to avoid further relapses from happening. This complaint was conveyed through a discussion, which was a slow transition from general information to more specific details. It started out with the client's narration of her present life circumstance, and it narrowed down to the things that bother her the most. The agency involved is St Luke's Recovery Treatment Center which offers several health-related services such as assessment and referrals, psychiatric services, and health care. The agency also conducts recreational activities, relapse prevention workshops, crisis intervention, and spiritual counseling and observances, and other religious services in collaboration with some organizations like Catholic Charities. The program most applicable and helpful to the client is the one offered for alcohol- and drug-dependent individuals. This program includes providing residence for the client, day treatment, outpatient, prevention and aftercare (St. Luke's Addiction Recovery Center, n.d.). The interventions include mental counseling, spiritual healing, health screening and monitoring, and crisis interventions. Since the agency focuses and aims at empowering individuals to cope with their problems and provides programs that assist clients in jumpstarting better lifestyles and personal growth, it helps a lot in dealing with the client. Except for minor problems with the schedule (insufficient time allotted for discussions), there were no other hindrances in working with the agency since they have a similar goal of making the client's situation better. After several sessions of speaking with the client and her concerns, several plans

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